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My programming journey started in January 2019. Although had my mind on it for a while, I never really pushed further than just the thought. But the thought like a seed was planted in my mind and just needed good conditions to make it sprout. Not having a laptop discouraged and made me lazy. I mean, who was going to or at least willing to teach me programming without a laptop? I tried learning some stuff online, using my android tablet. Mostly the basics, free online courses on Cousera. And every time I stopped when it either got too boring, my data subscription was running too high or I just wasn’t understanding what I was doing. I needed a real teacher at that point, Someone I could see and ask questions. I had always learned better through contact.


6 Ways to Get Started as a Web Developer

Everyone who wants to get started in software development or programming or any branch of Information Technology has, at some point, googled the following terms listed below

  • How to learn programming?
  • What programming language should I learn first?
  • How can one become a software developer without a degree in computer science?

All these questions are normal for one to ask when they are just starting out in the field. This article will show a simple pathway to achieving an answer to those questions that led you here in the first place.

Outlined below are steps towards becoming a web developer