Creating the Perfect First Impression

Creating the Perfect First Impression

Happy New Month, I trust you made great use of the first half of the year. We are in the second half, hope you are taking active steps to the actualization of your goals!

I am sure we know that having conversations with people doesn’t necessarily mean that they are productive. So how do we get results from conversations?

My sister was in the marketing sector in her previous place of employment. She got this particular client who became a regular customer even after she left the company.

So how did that happen? After several conversations with this client, he told her that on the first day they met, what she said in the first three minutes of their conversation was what made him listen further.

Now, before we go into those things that should be said when introducing yourself for the first time, there are certain attitudes we should have. These are confidence and politeness.

These two are key when introducing yourself in any situation, it makes people want to listen to you.
So what are the first three things to say when introducing yourself for the first time? You could be introducing yourself to your role model, potential client or anyone you would want to remember you after the first conversation.

The first thing should be your name. Please note, no nicknames, your full name will do. This is important because it is formal and your audience gets an idea of where you are from. Basically, it makes your audience take you seriously.

The second thing is constructive compliments. The same way you have constructive criticisms, there should be constructive compliments, right? So compliments can be based on how they look, what they love or their business. This is depending on the situation surrounding the meeting.

Lastly, do not forget to ask for contact. After making a great first impression, keeping in touch is essential. Getaway to get in touch with that person after that day, this is the only way to keep the conversation going.

Victoria Pam

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