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Networking; Benefits and How to Start

Victoria Pam 0

Humans, are social beings and can therefore not exist in isolation, we need to interact as it is critical for growth. Networking can be used in different fields such as technology and business. In this article, we will be talking about human networking, its benefits and how to start up.…


How to Increase Traffic on Your Website through Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing seems like what is actually in vogue; there should be some reasons why it is trending, right? The use of social media marketing has created brands for businesses and brought about an increase in the number of individuals who not only visit business websites but actually purchase…



Victoria Pam 1

So, a friend of mine, Gold decided to start up a business. She had strategized and made up a great plan. Also, she started telling people about this business. I mean word of mouth sells right. Well, she told me that the reply gotten from most people was ‘do you…


6 Ways to Get Started as a Web Developer

Leonard Ata 4

Everyone who wants to get started in software development or programming or any branch of Information Technology has, at some point, googled the following terms listed below How to learn programming? What programming language should I learn first? How can one become a software developer without a degree in computer…


Dikisikiboka Tamunoitekena 0

Anytime now, we would plunge into the year 2020. I can imagine some of us already writing our new year, new me list. However, the list will be incomplete without adding some of the most important skills to have for 2020. Next year is an opportunity to do-over. Therefore, you…

SDGs Activation Project in Nigeria

Ebibote Omobo 0

The World largest lesson is designed to provide an “entry point” to the Goals (either one Goal or a theme from the Goals) that students can relate to rather than overwhelming them with all the Goals at the same time. Learning outcomes Students will: • Understand the interdependence of the…


admin 0

You think I’m brilliant? Put me in the Faculty of Engineering or Sciences, then you’ll know how much of a dullard I’d be. I’ve seen many parents call their children ‘dullards’ because they are not doing well in school, sciences especially. If you’re not good in sciences, you’re not brilliant.…


Dikisikiboka Tamunoitekena 0

Our world has changed greatly from the impact of technology. The mind of curious men and women who consistently went against the norm to find solutions to our everyday problems. The invention of the telephone was an idea that was developed when someone thought about how easy it would be to…

Should I Build an Email List?

Victoria Pam 0

I am someone who loves to have a list for everything; from my to-do list to eating list, shopping list, to everything list, I mean, I must have a list. My reason is that it helps me organize things better and I can achieve more without forgetting almost anything. For…

How To Have Two Successful Careers At The Same Time

Victoria Pam 0

Successfully juggling two careers requires all the flexibility and a lot of planning. For most people, closing hours starts once the clock strikes 4, but not for everyone. For some of us, 4 pm is when we get to start with our side hustle. Picking up two careers or jobs…

Creating the Perfect First Impression

Victoria Pam 0

Happy New Month, I trust you made great use of the first half of the year. We are in the second half, hope you are taking active steps to the actualization of your goals! I am sure we know that having conversations with people doesn’t necessarily mean that they are…