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Who Are PHP Developers?

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PHP developers develop programs, applications, and web sites using the dynamic scripting language PHP. PHP is known for web development and business applications.

Depending on job function, PHP developers may be classified as software developers or web developers. Because the language is so ubiquitous in web site development and business, PHP can be a good choice for self-employed or contract developers.

A PHP web developer may create user interfaces or work behind the scenes. The PHP language is frequently used in combination with SQL for databases. It is also used for basic website functions like accepting usernames and passwords and managing guest books. It can display photo or thumbnail galleries and various other types of dynamic content. According to a 2012 Mashable article, PHP is one of the top languages for startups and small businesses.

A developer’s job duties can also include web site administration, software testing, and user training. Software developers sometimes create prototypes in PHP even when they will use another language later. An advantage of PHP is the speed with which development can take place; a disadvantage is that it is prone to security vulnerabilities.

According to a 2012 Mashable article, PHP is one of the top languages for startups and small businesses; the author cites the strong programming community as well as the potential for rapid prototyping. PHP is also noted as a top language for advertising and design.

Becoming a PHP Developer

Developers usually enter the field with a self-developed skills or with a degree may be in information science, software engineering, computer science, or some other related field.

The requirements for a web developer are sometimes lower than for a software developer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that an associate’s degree or even a high school diploma will suffice for some positions. Having additional skills, though, can help a developer get ahead. Those interested in web development may want some courses in design, for example.

Some developers pursue certifications to validate their knowledge of particular technologies.

Ultimately, certifications are less important than real world experience. A developer can begin getting experience as a student through senior design projects, internships, and/ or participation in open source projects. 

Job postings may cite a wide range of skills. Some web development positions favor those with graphics or SEO experience.

Employers may also look for industry-specific experience. Depending on the job, this could be anything from working with startups to experience playing games on social network sites. At elitePath we keep our best students, giving them room to improve through our internship program.

It’s good to be adept at different stages of the life cycle, from extracting and documenting the requirements to providing post-deployment support; this increases the likelihood of moving up to a lead position. Project management experience can also be helpful.
PHP programmers can stay on top of their game by joining communities like

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