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How Google Search πŸ” Works (Beginners)

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Google search engine uses software known as a web crawler that explores the web on a regular basis to find sites to add to their index.

Google Search πŸ” works in three essential stages

  1. Crawling: Google searches the web with an automated program called crawlers, looking for pages that are new or updated. Google stores those pages in a big list to look at later. They find πŸ”Ž pages with different methods, but one of the most common methods is they follow links from pages they already know about. Examples; if your page is linked to elitePath and we have a good ranking on Google, your page will be easily found by Google.
  2. Indexing: Google visits the pages that it has learned about by crawling, and tries to analyze what each page is about. Google starts by analyzing the content, images, and video files on the page, they try to understand what the page is about. They store that information in the Google index, this is a huge database that is stored on so many computers.
  3. Serving search results: When you search πŸ”Ž on Google, they try to determine the highest quality of results. How do they know the ”best” results? These are factors that determine the highest quality; a) the user’s location πŸ“, b) language c) device (laptop or phone).

Optimize Your Site for Search Engines

This is just a guide that can help Google understand your site, and help the right people find it.

  1. Be descriptive: accuracy is all that matters, be meticulous in describing your pages. Google recommends putting topics, products, and services on different pages, a topic or a more detailed sentence about a topic on every page.
  2. Be Complete: Mention all of your services and products. Yes, you know Google is smart and you wonder how, but they can’t guess what is not on your list.
  3. Be topical: Content is the king; you need to bear in mind about seasons and trend when writing promotional contents. You can’t be selling cold water in rainy season. No one is searching for this during this season.
  4. Keep your site up to date: You need to keep updating keywords on your site to match with the current trend of your business.
  5. Use text: Most times we use site name on graphics and that is really a problem for Google to understand. The best thing to do is, also include the site name in the page text as well.
  6. Get referrals: Make sure site is linked to some local news agency, or any other appropriate mentions online.
  7. Want you site to do better but you don’t have the time? If you think you site needs more help than you can provide, consider hiring a professional.  Or call 0809 941 4845.

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