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Diary of A Tech Girl – Part 1

Victoria Pam 1
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Learn and Grow or Breakdown and Shrink

Learning has always been paramount for me. So, what does it mean to learn? To learn is to acquire new or modified knowledge, skills, behavior or values. Basically, we grow through learning.

Learning Quotes

So, the year 2018 started great but later on turned out to be not so good. From starting my business to looking for a job to getting a job that wasn’t it at all. Then depression set in and it was really tough, I just felt very unproductive. That period called for a wake-up call.

You know, we can decide to look at a situation that seems bad and we have different reactions. Either we learn and grow from it or breakdown from it. For me it was both. I was broken, depressed and wallowed in self-pity. Then I prayed through that circumstance and was able to come out strong.

At that moment, taking critical decisions for my life was the best solution. That decision was self-investment. Changing my career path was one of the decisions among others taken that day.

The career path chosen was becoming a programmer. You may ask why because I was an art student in high school. In college, I studied sociology, totally different right? Well, becoming a programmer was the first step I needed to take in other to achieve that.

How to Become A Programmer?

Then an opportunity came. I saw a post on social media about the traniee position for ElitePath. That spiked my interest in the decision to become a programmer. I decided to apply and was attracted by the knowledge that it was free. After applying, being called for the interview made me feel elated.

I visited the Company’s website and read through the interview with Tech Point Africa. The company’s startup story really motivated me. The response by Mr. Leo Ata the Co-Founder of ElitePath when asked what the requirement was to learn; “We like to go by a very simple model. If you can read and comprehend, we can teach you to code”.

Techpoint visit to elitepath

Exciting right? That is exactly how I felt. Excited and assured that this was going to be possible regardless of my educational background.

Getting called for the interview and scaling through was a thrilling feeling. I mean, what company do you know advice’ you and gives you materials on what to read after an interview? Well, this one did. That further made me certain about the type of environment I would like to learn and grow in.

I got an email from ElitePath. Guess what? I am officially a part of Elitepath! I started my journey of becoming a programmer the very next week.

  1. […] Monday came and I was excited. I was about to make my dreams come true. On getting to ElitePath my excitement was further enhanced. Classes started and the list of things we were going to learn throughout the training was listed out. It dawned on me at that moment that I really didn’t know what to expect. […]

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