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Monday came and I was excited. I was about to make my dreams come true. On getting to ElitePath my excitement was further enhanced. Classes started and the list of things we were going to learn throughout the training was listed out. It dawned on me at that moment that I really didn’t know what to expect.

As someone who likes research like me, you should have expected me to do my homework by searching online on how to create a website right? Well, I didn’t do my homework well. The terms sounded alien to me. However, I kept reminding myself that if I could read and comprehend then I can do this.

I had a working laptop and a sound mind; I was happy, it was going to be a smooth ride for me. Nothing could possibly go wrong or so I thought.

The structure of a website is the HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language.

The first course began, it was on HTML. For some of us who don’t know what HTML means, it is an acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language. Basically, it is the structure of the website. Let us for a minute imagine our dream houses, wow! It looks so beautiful, right? However, the html isn’t as beautiful as that. It can be likened to the foundation and the structure of that building without any painting and all the things that make a building beautiful.

The picture I had in my head was that of the beautiful websites I had gone through beforehand. I mean have you seen the ElitePath website? If you haven’t, you should probably check it out, so you can have an idea of what I had imagined.

However, the HTML when loaded is black and white. I love colors and I didn’t know that I had to start with a colorless work. But it struck me as we went on that no matter how ugly the beginning part of a work is, it is still very important. Why? Because without the structure there would be no building. So, without the HTML, there would be no website.

Coding can be fun and colorful.

Thinking about that, I could apply the usefulness of the HTML to my life. You may ask, how? Most times I get too scared to start a thing and when I start, I become so focused on the end product that I actually don’t appreciate the beginning. I should have realized earlier that the beginning is important for the end product to become a reality.

Now that I knew this, I was ready to focus on the beginning and make it a unique experience. I began to appreciate the colors I saw when coding and even the black and white web page.

“Teaching is not transmitting knowledge for students to learn what the teacher knows, it is moving others to enquire and learn what nobody knows yet…and this is essential for collective improvement! ” ~ Spain

The HTML wasn’t so difficult to catch up with, I had a great teacher named Wilson. He really took his time to explain things in details. Hmm, trust me, I had a whole lot of questions to ask. I was always apologizing anytime I wanted to ask a question because I felt like I was delaying my colleagues who might have caught up with things faster. However, he didn’t make me feel that way, he answered every question I asked to my understanding. I mean wasn’t that so cool?

The rest of the week went on well, I became accustomed to some of the terms used, such as; server, body, tags, attributes, comments and so on. I was able to create the structure of my web page, I mean “my first web page!” how amazing was that. I learned all these in just one course. That felt good! it felt just as good as the feeling I get when indulging in my favorite ice-cream.

Creating my first web page felt just as good as the feeling I get when indulging in my favorite ice-cream!

I felt elated, for me this confirmed that nothing could really go wrong. I had to put a lot of time into practicing in order to learn and I finally felt that I could overcome anything that life threw my way in this process of learning.

In just in a few seconds, all that feeling was about to change. My laptop, what was wrong with it? it wasn’t starting up. I had earlier ignored the signs that my laptop was showing because I felt I could just manage it just a little bit longer. It was doing what I wanted, so why fix it, right? My supposed smooth ride had been disturbed by this hitch.

At that moment, with no backup plan and looking at my bank account, all I could think of was how? How was I going to continue learning?

Stay plugged with this series, to be continued in diary of a tech girl part 3.

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