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Networking; Benefits and How to Start

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Humans, are social beings and can therefore not exist in isolation, we need to interact as it is critical for growth. Networking can be used in different fields such as technology and business. In this article, we will be talking about human networking, its benefits and how to start up. Let’s start right away!

Meaning of networking

Networking simply means interaction, talking with people, making connections and building your circle of influence. It also refers to growing and establishing long term relationships which are mutually beneficially to each other’s personal growth or businesses.

Benefits of Networking

There are different benefits of networking, but there are some which are common to almost everyone. They include;


Most times, we get into the same space with a lot of individuals who have a strong presence and because of that that we get lost in the crowd.

Networking helps in such scenarios by making individuals visible. By being able to connect with people in that space, people get to know you it makes you stand out from the crowd.

Also, applying this in the workplace, you become the go-to person when your colleagues are in need of insights on clients or even competitors.

Staying Current

Things change daily in our workplace and environment, networking helps you stay at the top of your game. Basically, through connecting with people, you get a new perspective on certain issues, you are informed on current topics about your personal life and even business.


This is the obvious benefit of networking; meeting new people in order to generate clients, referrals, friendship or partnership.

Having a wide network of individuals to call when a need arises either in your personal life or business. Also, sharing of ideas and information which each other aids growth.

Helping others

Contrary to the popular opinion of networking only because of the value that people can add to your life, having some connections can enable you to be of help to others.

Some persons love to help others and want everyone around them to grow.

The connections you have built can enable you to be of help to someone, for example, a person in need of a job, contract, referrals among others. People can also come to you for information based on the connections you have built.

Boost Self Confidence

By networking regularly, your confidence is built. You became bold to approach people and introduce yourself because this is the process you do regularly. I’m sure that you know that being consistent with a particular thing brings about improvement.

Also by meeting new people, you are pushing yourself to become better. Through the ideas or information shared in such conversations, growth inevitably takes place and your confidence increases especially when similar conversations present itself.

How to Network

Yes, networking is very beneficial to your careers but how do you go about it? Truth be told, some people no matter the event they go for can’t approach anyone to talk to no matter how much they really want to do that.

This is not something to feel bad about as making conversations doesn’t come naturally to some people.
Here are some tips to help you get started with that conversation;


Dress comfortably, don’t dress a certain way because others are dressed that way. Put on outfits that suit you and makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Be Punctual

Some individuals are scared to work into the crowd because they feel all eyes will be on them and people might scrutinize what they are wearing.

If you are in this category, try as much as possible to be punctual because going through that phase of walking into a room full of too many people might have an effect on your confidence level.

Plan Ahead

Be knowledgeable about the event you are going for and its audience. This will enable you to know what you want to get out of such events and set goals of the number of people you intend to meet.

Also, some of the questions that you might have in mind should be written down as this makes the flow of conversation easier and enlightening.

Be Yourself

I know that you have heard this countless times, but this is very important. Have in mind that you are the best thing to happen to the life of anyone and start that conversation.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying be proud, just be self-confident.

Don’t force yourself to sound overly intelligent as you might even forget why you started the conversation in the first place. Be focused and just flow with the conversation


These conversations you have with people should be in line with growth and self-development. Having relevant points of discussion is also important in such conversations.

Don’t forget why you started the conversation in the first place. As much as conversing is important, it doesn’t just end there, having future conversations is the aim of networking.

So don’t forget to exchange contacts and keep in touch with those persons.

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