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SDGs Activation Project in Nigeria

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The World largest lesson is designed to provide an “entry point” to the Goals (either one Goal or a theme
from the Goals) that students can relate to rather than overwhelming them with all the Goals at
the same time.

Learning outcomes
Students will:
• Understand the interdependence of the SDGs.
• Draw connections between the SDGs and their own lives.
• Design their own vision of a SDGs country.
• Synthesize information and declare a personal pledge to take action for the SDGs.

To find out more about the SDGs read the FAQs here
A great way for you to feel more informed on the SDGs is by watching Part 1 of our animation. It provides a
simple and short overview of the Goals, as well as detailing some of the contexts in which they were created.

October 14th-18th 2019, 2500 Youth Volunteers from over 1000 youth groups in the 36 states + FCT.

In 556 LGAs, 1,056 Communities & in 1,246 Schools to reach over 500,000 Students in 4 Days with designed practical #SDGs Classes. #SDGsActivation Courtesy of the @TheWorldsLesson

Katsina to Adamawa, from Sokoto to Jos to Kogi, Borno to Ondo, Lagos back to Rivers & Bayelsa till Edo & Akwa Ibom, Enugu to Anambra. World Largest Lesson is in every single state of Nigeria.💃

Below are lists of states in pictures:

Rivers State

We are teaching over 500,000 Students across Nigeria to reach out to their world by learning to create the world they want to live in. #SDGsActivation @TheWorldsLesson @WorldsLessonNG @DEANinitiative @teenscancode @facebookedu @semiyemichael


Akwa Ibom

SDGs our gateway to development stride. These milestones have to be known and applied for the well being of all.


We are set to connect the nook and cranny of Nigeria with @TheGlobalGoals. 2000 Youth Volunteers from over 1000 youth groups, 36 + the FCT States, 556 LGAs, 1,056 Communities, 1,246 Schools & to reach well over 500,000 Students in 4 Days with our designed #SDGs Classes.


SDGs connecting the worlds, let’s create a better tomorrow.


For every Generation, we must rethink the way we learn to face & solve the challenges of a new world. Teaching Sustainable Development education to our children can help shape our actions & our future.



We are teaching over 500,000 Students across Nigeria to reach out to their world by learning to create the world they want to live in.


In this Globalized, Digitalized world let’s leverage on this opportunity for sustainable learning & sign up for the inclusion of the Sustainable development education to be added to the Nigerian school curriculum. 


Cross River





Who says children can’t do more? Children are breaking down barriers paving the way to a better & sustainable society for future generations, but there is still a long way to go.


Through Sustainable Development Education literacy, the world can achieve inclusion, peace and social equality.

Courtesy of the @TheWorldsLesson
@DEANinitiative @teenscancode

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