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Posts published in “Entrepreneurship”

Should I Build an Email List?

Victoria Pam 0

I am someone who loves to have a list for everything; from my to-do list to eating list, shopping list, to everything list, I mean, I must have a list. My reason is that it helps me organize things better and I can achieve more without forgetting almost anything. For…

How to Increase Traffic on Your Website through Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing seems like what is actually in vogue; there should be some reasons why it is trending, right? The use of social media marketing has created brands for businesses and brought about an increase in the number of individuals who not only visit business websites but actually purchase…


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Principles are fundamental in every organization and for every individual. Principles are key in order to experience growth; they are defined as the foundational guide for behaviour and beliefs for an individual, group and organization. Every organization wants to experience development. Workers put in their best to make this happen.…


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So, a friend of mine, Gold decided to start up a business. She had strategized and made up a great plan. Also, she started telling people about this business. I mean word of mouth sells right. Well, she told me that the reply gotten from most people was ‘do you…

How to become a successful entrepreneur

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Do you admire the likes of Aliko Dangote, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs among others? These great men have paved paths for others to follow and have become successful entrepreneurs in their different fields. Entrepreneurship can be described as a process in which an individual (entrepreneur) takes an action.…