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Creating the Perfect First Impression

Victoria Pam 0

Happy New Month, I trust you made great use of the first half of the year. We are in the second half, hope you are taking active steps to the actualization of your goals! I am sure we know that having conversations with people doesn’t necessarily mean that they are…


Victoria Pam 0

So for a minute let us just imagine; you wake up in the morning and everywhere looks so spick and span, it smells so good here, it must be your favorite meal cooking. After getting dressed and taking your breakfast, on getting inside your car, all you have to do…

What You Need To Start Life

Ebibote Omobo 0

From the start of the road, you can see the sun ☀️ so bright that you just need to jog down to have the feel of the sun 🔅 and you started jogging and get to the end of what you can see on the picture. If you turn left…