Our world has changed greatly from the impact of technology. The mind of curious men and women who consistently went against the norm to find solutions to our everyday problems. 
The invention of the telephone was an idea that was developed when someone thought about how easy it would be to talk to someone far away and get instant feedback instead of the long wait that was associated with letters and telegrams.

As early as 1990, the idea of a mobile telephone was alien to most Nigerians. And televisions were the highest form of technology we had. By 2001, the Global System for Mobile communication(GSM) was introduced. The number of mobile phone users has tripled since then. Recently, technology has taken over every single aspect of our lives; Telephones, computers, stoves and ovens, health, entertainment, events, transportation and so much more.


Technology in communications has come a really long way. Unlike in the past when communication meant the use of messengers and postmen sending letters from one place to another.

Today, technology has revolutionized communication. Telephones were invented, it was modified to mobile phones, smartphones, and instant messages. Communications have changed so much so that with the push of a button, the world could get the message.


Large amounts of data can be stored on our computers, and flash drives. The internet provides us with more than enough information on so many topics we want. Libraries of educational material in the form of ebooks, PDF,  and videos are made available to us 24hrs. 

Online courses from some of the best universities in the world are on the internet giving you the opportunity to learn whatever it is you want. Educational apps are made for people of all ages.


Apart from the introduction of tractors and other machinery, one of the best ways farmers have benefited from technology is the use of drones. Drones are used for scanning the farms, irrigation, and taking inventory. Production has never been easier since farmers replaced human labour with machines.


The banking industry has been more beneficial than other industries when it comes to technology. The use of technology changes the game completely for bankers and their customers as well. All banks now offer online facilities which have been really beneficial to everyone. Online payments and transfers are done using mobile phones, bank security has increased with the use of firewalls, ATMs have made it easy to withdraw money without actually visiting the banking halls, and mobile apps now give customers access to their banking details daily.


Buying and selling of goods and services are so easy because of technology. Technology has made it very flexible so that you could buy and pay for something from the comfort of your house and you don’t need to worry about safety because it is. 

The use of EMV smart chip has made it difficult for hackers to get your money because of the pin system. Also, the introduction of so many safe online payment platforms such as Paypal, goggle wallet and PayStack has introduced us into a new world of relaxed shopping.


Our everyday life has been moved by technology and technology has changed the way we do things. These are just a few of the impacts of technology on our everyday lives. We will talk about other areas in our lives that are constantly changing because of technology.

Dikisikiboka Tamunoitekena

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