The word technology and its usefulness is definitely no stranger to us. We are in a world where technology is being used every day and it seems like we might not be able to exist without it.

So in this article, we will discover what technology is, when it started or if it has always been in existence immediately the world was created. Let’s go right ahead.

Meaning of Technology

The definition of technology varies but one thing that is constant is the words associated with technology; knowledge, innovation, art, and science.

The word technology was coined in the 17th century and is derived from the Greek word “tekhnologia”. Technology, therefore, can be defined as the collection and application of knowledge and skills in the design, production, and utilization of goods and services.

These goods and services produced are in line with life, society and the environment and most times aimed at solving problems.

Types of Technology

There are different types of technology which have been created and developed over time, some of them includes:

Communication technology

This system uses technical means to transmit information, data or programs. Communication is an important aspect of human life and it has existed over time.

Some means which we use to communicate now was not in existence some years back. Examples of communication technology include phones, computers, and emails.

Medical technology

This type of technology is used to promote and extend human lives; it helps in the detection of health problems, improvement of health and reduction of pain experienced by patients. Although all countries are yet to benefit from the use of technology medically, developed countries have definitely benefitted from this; hence the reduction in the mortality rate of individuals from certain illness.

Transport technology

This type of technology has developed over time. Creating innovative and faster ways in which individuals can move from one place to another. Some examples of transportation technology include cars, airplanes, trains, and ships.

Education technology

Education technology an also be referred to as Edtech, it is the means through which learning and performance are improved. It uses physical hardware, software and educational theoretic to aid learning and improve performance by creating, using and managing appropriately. Some examples of education technology include online learning, virtual learning, and books.

Other types of technology are information, entertainment, artificial intelligence, robotics, and sensors.

The Existence and Effect of Technology in the World

The existence of technology is one that can be linked to the history of man because it involves the history of the invention of tools and techniques.

Let’s look at a few things that the human can’t do without and see if technology made a difference. Humans basic necessities are food, shelter, and clothing; the following are how the production and availability of these basic necessities have evolved over time.


Food is produced and prepared in different ways in which; to get food in the Stone Age, seeds were planted, animals killed and the discovery of stones or sticks to make fire was created.

How did they know what to plant to get what food? Just how did they know the animal suited for consumption? Exactly how did they find out that when you continuously hit two stone together, you get fire?

The answer is through thinking and trial of different ways to solve a problem, they were able to solve that problem. An invention was made; that is technology.

As time went on, new things ways were developed to manufacture or produce food; the use of fertilizers to aid the growth of crops and advanced farm equipment to harvest them. Easier and faster ways to cook food has been invented, some of them include; gas cooker, oven, and microwave.


Clothing is a term generally used for items worn on the body, it can be made from animal skin, textiles and other thin sheets of material put together.

The Stone Age people were the first to create clothing, they produced clothing using animal hide by turning it into leather and used a bone needle to sew. Also, they produced linen from weaving together threads from flax plants.

Till date, some of our clothing’s are made from animal skin and they are also weaved. Although technology advanced in the way clothes are produced now, it doesn’t change the fact that technology was used in the Stone Age.


Initially, in the prehistoric era, the shelter used were natural such as caves and trees. The first manmade shelter was made out of stones and trees and ever since then, shelter creation has evolved.

In recent times, different tools and materials are used to create shelters, also, professionals are consulted when building houses. This is to know the type of building and structure appropriate for the area and individual use.


We can see that as new things are being invented so is the world developing. We cannot experience development in the world if we don’t try to invent new ways to solve problems. Technology is involved in our everyday lives, right from the bed we sleep on, shoes, our phones, and social media, among others.

In recent times, however, what is referred to as technology, are things like computers, phones, websites, AI basically anything that involves the use of science. It is important to note however that the world does not revolve around technology and vice versa, they coexist together.

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