What You Need To Start Life

What You Need To Start Life

From the start of the road, you can see the sun ☀️ so bright that you just need to jog down to have the feel of the sun 🔅 and you started jogging and get to the end of what you can see on the picture.

If you turn left 👈 you miss the target and if you turn right 👉 you fall off the track.

What do you do? 🤔

This is the point where most of us are in life right now, you do not want to go right neither do you want to go left because both paths cannot take you to the sun.

Now listen, you need to create the path that leads to the sun and it is called an elitePath it is only for the elites.

elite means: ”a group or class of people seen as having the most power and influence in a society, especially on account of their wealth or privilege”.

Highlight privilege in your head, we are all privileged to be alive in this digital dispensation where you only need a phone and 1k internet subscription to make something for yourself.

What you do with the privilege is more important than knowing it.

You do not wish to go to the sun, you need skills to create a ladder or a parachute that will take you to the sun.

You might not be the best your field right now but the goal is to get to the sun and still look behind to see what is there and it might lead to the moon who knows?

Do you fail in school? Trust me it does not apply to life, start life with a new skill.

Cheers ✌️




Ebibote Omobo

I am a software engineer, digital marketer, project manager and a co-founder of elitePath Software.
Optimist: Passionate about personal development, SEO preacher. Very open to connecting with people.

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