So, a friend of mine, Gold decided to start up a business. She had strategized and made up a great plan. Also, she started telling people about this business. I mean word of mouth sells right. Well, she told me that the reply gotten from most people was ‘do you have a website?’. That got her confused. Why were these people asking for a website?

Few businesses have websites these days. And some of those businesses which have one, do not even know how important it is for their business. So, we will be discussing the importance of a website for your business. Even if you don’t have a business, you could help a friend out.

What does a website mean?

A website is a collection of publicly accessible, interlinked Web pages that share a single domain name. Websites can be created and maintained by an individual, group, business or organization to serve a variety of purposes. Together, all publicly accessible websites constitute the World Wide Web. – Techopedia.

Note that your website must be effetive so that you can experince growth in your bussiness. Have you vistied ElitePath website? It is an example of an effective website. As we go further we will explore why you need a website and types of website. It is essential to know these things, in order to create an effective website.

Why you need a website for your business

The importance of a website for your business cannot be overemphasized. Do you think your business is doing great without a website? Well, read further and you will know why it is not. The following are the reasons every business needs a website.

Visibility and Credibility

One of the major importance of having a website is bringing about an increase in visibility. Everyone wants their business to be seen and known. Potential clients may want to carry out research on your company before approaching you. You can provide contact information and directions through the availability of a map on the website. This makes it easy for clients to get to the company.

Also, a website that is seen and known should be credible. By building a website you get the opportunity to show and prove the credibility of the company. Most times people check the information about a product before going ahead to purchase. This is done so they don’t regret making that purchase.

You have to prove to your existing and potential customers and investors why they deserve your trust. Therefore, building a website based on the reality of your company is vital. Having testimonials on the website can also help prove credibility.

Less Expensive

You save more when you have a website for your business, it is cost effective.

Building a website for your business will help promotion less expensive. In business, we want to be able to make sales and not just makes sales but make a profit out of the sales. What means have you used to advertise your business? There are various forms, such as media (printed and social), television, radio among others.

However, it is important to note that as our nations keep on developing, the means of advertising changes. But you can agree with me that the web has come to stay, right? Your products and services are able to reach more people through the web.

Having a website is cost effective because you know how much it will cost to build a website. Compared to constant advert through the various forms which you have to pay anytime, you want to make use of that medium. Your website, therefore, becomes the center of the company’s online presence. The company is able to advertise its business around the web through this.

Accessibility and Convenience

Most times we have experiences when customers are turned away because it’s closing time. A website, therefore, gives customers accessibility 24/7 every day of the year. Time differences exist among different nations. So, at the point where you might be sleeping someone else is working.

Having a website for your business gives people can access your company at their convenience. They don’t need to travel or work within a restricted time frame to get to your service or products. It gives people access to your company and its product at any time and anywhere in the world. Like now, I might be sleeping while you are going through this article, right?

Also, it gives access to business owners. You have access to information such as the number of people who visited the site, the email address, people’s messages and emails to you. Through this accessibility, business owners can track the progress of the website.

The increase of Customers and Sales

Research on the value of websites by IEDR

Accessibility of websites at any time brings about an increase in sales. Existing and potential customers are not limited to specific hours to have access to your products and services. Also, most businesses are known only in their environment which limits sales to individuals around there.

A website gives you an online presence which improves sales. Because there are no restrictions due to time and location, there is an increase in customers base. People from different locations can access and purchase your products globally.

Building Relationship

As much as growth is essential to your business, building relationships with potential and existing customers is important to achieve growth.

With a business website, you can build a better and stronger relationship with your customers. Your customers are able to review your products and give you feedbacks about them. Also, emails can be sent to them to keep in touch and maintain an existing relationship. The emails could also contain information about products and services, this is why email marketing is good for your business.

This is essential as visitors can become paying clients. Also, it can lead to long term relationship between your clients and the company.

So, your business might be doing well now without a website, that’s good! But there is no doubt that having a website can make it great!. Eventually having a website for your business leads to growth and expansion. Your customers are satisfied and so are you.

Types of websites

Now that you know the importance of a website for your business. What next? It is important to know different types of websites in order to know the type of website appropriate for your business. Your website should tell and show your customers what you are putting out there. Some types of websites include:


This is an online shop where individuals search and purchase items. Usually, what you will see in an e-commerce website is a shopping cart used to put items when selected and the use of credit/debit cards to make payment. For people at the buying end, this is shopping at your comfort. While for people at the selling end this makes things easier and sales greater. There is limitless access to your goods by individuals anywhere in the world.

Are you interested in an e-commerce website? Here are some popular examples; ASOS, Jumia, and Amazon. You can do some research on them and know what you will like your website to encompass.


Cooperate / business websites do more than just being a representation online. It helps people know the products and services that a company offers and what a company represents.

This type of website is aimed at representing a particular business. It helps provide information about a company to the public through a display of its products and services. Therefore, a business website should take the outlook of a specific business. These days due to advance in technology, almost everyone uses a search engine to look things up online.

Taking Gold’s startup business as an example; imagine If her business was searched on google and there was no online presence. Potential customers might doubt the legitimacy of the products or services being sold. An e-commerce website can also be considered as a business website, the difference is in the business model.


Portfolio websites are designed for showcasing your work. People with different careers need portfolio websites, some of these careers include; website designing, modeling, and photography. They are created to show examples of work which you have done in the past, as a marketing tool it is used to highlight what you are capable of. This helps clients know the quality of work you have done and know what makes you stand out. For me, it’s like building an online curriculum vitae which is needed in a digital world.


Blog post helps you voice out your opinion on certain topics that you think the world needs to know more about.

blog, originally called weblog is a type of website that can be likened to a journal or diary. People sometimes want to document their lifestyle, traveling experiences, inspiration among other things. This online platform is used by individuals or group of individuals. It is used to share their views on a subject matter; sharing information to engage the public. Some types of blogs include; personal blog, family blog, and fashion blogs.

Apart from the types of websites mentioned above, others exist. They include; educational, brochure, directory websites among others.


There might be different reasons why people ask business owners if they can visit their website. One of the greatest reason is, potential customers, want to know if your business is solid and legitimate. So, whatever type of website you decide to create, you should know what you intend to achieve through it. Have a goal in mind and ensure that the website reflects that goal. Finally, at ElitePath, we work with our clients in bringing their ideas into reality.

Victoria Pam

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